A new way to pay and be paid

Payments on your terms

Digital and physical cards that put you in control of your business finances

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Real-time notifications to your mobile

Always have complete oversight of money in and money out.

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Digital cards you can use straight away

Designed for efficient spending online or with Google/Apple pay.

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Physical cards that standout from the crowd

Your business isn’t boring, don’t let your business cards be either.

Put an end to the monthly receipt rush

No more lost receipts, late reconciliation or following up for more details. With receipt capture in-app your team can add notes, upload photos of receipts and go - from their mobile!

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We’re taking cards into the future with added security

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Virtual cards - you say?

Think of them exactly the same way you think of any payment card - except they’re on your mobile device, instant & disposable.

Simply add them to your Apple or Google Pay wallet to use contactlessly with your mobile or for purchasing online.


Access to Innovative Tools

Gain access to a wide range of innovative tools and features designed to enhance your financial management.

We provide high quality & cost effective services


Make & take payments from any of your Emerge accounts

Make batch payments, international transfers, pay invoices and so much more from your Emerge account.

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