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It should be free, period.

Periods aren't a bloody luxury, but they sure cost as much - a sentiment that is driving Aditi Gorasia from Ads on Pads to do better.

Having returned from London where she worked with Bow&Arrow as a Strategy & Venture Lead - building and growing digital start-ups for some of the largest brands in the world - she knew it was time to put her experience to good use.

The cost of period care is prohibitive and it’s an overhead imposed on half of the population with no meaningful subsidisation or consideration is a huge failing of society. 

Aditi is on a mission to change it.

A Bold Vision: Free Period Products for All

Aditi's vision is simple yet powerful: to provide free period products in bathrooms across the country, funded by brands that want to make a real difference. Ads on Pads pairs these brands with period care distributors, placing advertisements on product packaging to reach a captive audience.

Taking on the Challenge:

After securing a contract with the a large university and exploring a potential partnership with one of NZ's largest events, Aditi's biggest challenge now lies in finding advertisers who share her passion for social impact.

"The priority is finding brands that want to drive real change," says Aditi. "Right now, we can only supply a small percentage of the bathrooms at the university. We need more partners on board to scale this across the country and beyond."

Why Period Products Are the Perfect Advertising Platform:
  • Captive Audience: People spend an average of 30 seconds changing their period product, focused and undistracted, creating a prime opportunity for brand engagement.
  • Meaningful Connections: Ads on Pads allows brands to build genuine connections with their target audience, fostering brand loyalty and trust.
  • Proven Results: A recent partnership with Reform Pilates generated a 32% uplift in their direct traffic, demonstrating the effectiveness of this innovative advertising model.
Emerge: The Perfect Partner for Ads on Pads

An avid user of challenger banks in Europe, Aditi was thrilled to discover Emerge upon returning to New Zealand.

"I was dreading the business bank account process," she admits. "Emerge was a huge relief – fast, easy, and hassle-free. It's been an invaluable tool for managing my day-to-day operations."

If you'd like to find out more or get in touch...

Reach out to Aditi & the Ads on Pads team if you're keen to be involved, partner or help connect them with advertisers to bring more free period products to NZ.
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